Have a Bright Sun-Shiny Day!

Here is the rainbow I’ve been prayin’ for
It’s gonna be a bright, bright Sun-Shiny day.”  ~Johnny Nash

Always keep hopefulness and cheerfulness in your hearts and expect the best – no matter how many obstacles are in your way!  Remember to “Bea-lieve” and “Bea Positive”!

Hi, everyone, I am Bambi, a yorkie terrier rescue.  For the first 6 or 8 years of my life I was in a puppy mill.  My home was a crate; no one petted me or spoke to me.  My sole purpose in life was to birth puppies to make money for the “mean people” who held me hostage.  As soon as my puppies were old enough to sell, they were snatched away from me.  I only hope they ended up in a better place than me.

One day out of the blue, a swarm of uniformed officers found us.  There were 12 of us “mill-mates”, and we were placed in a big van.  We didn’t realize it at the time, but we were being rescued!!  The “nice people” at the veterinary clinic gave me a bath, petted me and spoke to me.  I was one of the fortunate ones and was considered “adoptable” after I had surgery.

A few days after my surgery, my foster-mom, Jean, picked me up.  When I got to my foster home, I had a new, soft, warm bed and toys!  I had never had toys before, but it didn’t take me long to learn how to play.  Foster-mom Jean loved me and nursed me back to health.  She was the first person to really love me and take care of me.

After about four months, my forever-home parents found me on the Internet.  They loved me as soon as they met me and decided to adopt me.  Foster-mom Jean cried and cried the day I left, but we promised to stay in touch.  Thank goodness for facebook!  I finally had a forever-home with a yard, my own bowls and, of course, my bed and toys!

It has been almost three years now with in my forever home.  I have a yard, my own bowls, and of course, my own bed and toys!  I get to walk everyday (unless it’s raining), play with Mac and Mattie Ice (my other rescue-buddies).  One of my favorite places is laying in the sunshine; I’m trying to make up for the time I missed in my younger years!  Although the first years of my life weren’t rough, I know that I will be a spoiled brat for the rest of my days!

The song “I Can See Clearly Now” is one of my mom’s favorite songs and is a perfect way to close my story.  Have a “Sun-Shiny Day” and a great weekend!


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