The Roosevelt Boys

Hi, we’re Teddy and Franky. When mom and dad need our attention, we are Theodore and Franklin, hence, she calls us the Roosevelt boys! Here is our story as told by mom.

Franklin came to his forever home in September 2015. Frankie was found as a stray and no one knows how long he wandered until Nate’s Honor Rescue took him in. What was amazing is that he is blind in both eyes and ended up with only 1 tooth left. Mac, my yorkie mix, was still around, and I took him to meet Frankie to make sure they would get along. There was no issue, and the two of them were having a good time being “boys”. It was fun to watch them play tug-of-war with all of the squeaky toys. Mac helped Frankie around the yard and the pool.

Unfortunately, less than 2 weeks after I adopted Frankie, Mac became ill. He was diagnosed with diabetes. But within 3 days his condition worsened. I was devastated the day he crossed Rainbow Bridge, and Dr. Mercak confirmed that he had a mass in his chest that caused his illness — diabetes was just one of the symptons. Thank goodness I had Frankie at home and not an empty house. We commiserated together but were very sad.

Fast forward to 2016 . . . I found love again. I was smitten with Roger immediately, but I had to make sure Frankie would be smitten with him, too. Well, there was absolutely no issue, and they are still inseparable. “Dad” loves spoiling Frankie, over-feeding and giving him treats throughout the day.

In May 2016, I called the vet because Frankie started honking and coughing.
The vet confirmed a heart murmur, enlarged heart and arthritis in his back and hip. I was devastated and called Roger immediately. I made sure Frankie had his medicines and supplements. Dr. Mercak and I discussed that Frankie is probably 14 or 15. Roger and I want to make sure Frankie lives the rest of his life comfortably and happier than he’s ever been.

In July 2017, I received a desperate call from Ann with Lost Angels. She had taken in Teddy, another stray found in the area. Teddy is also a yorkie, about 3 pounds lighter than Frankie. He is blind in his left eye and lost most of his teeth.

It took some heavy selling to Roger to take in Teddy, but he agreed. I took Frankie to meet Teddy, and we all drove home happy. Teddy took to his new home and us quickly. He is a “mama’s boy, loves his toys and enjoys nose bumping Frankie!

The Roosevelt boys bring so much joy to our home. Teddy follows Frankie around the yard and loves taking toys away from him. Old man Frankie puts Teddy in his place when he gets too close to dad or takes over his bed!

There is no better feeling than rescuing “fur-babies” and seeing them happy, secure and well-fed — thanks to Roger. Bea positive that you, too, can provide a “fur-ever” home to a dog who is looking for love, and don’t be surprised how much you will love back.

Unconditional Love

In Memory of Zoe

In Memory of Zoe

Unconditional love on earth . . . anyone who has pets knows exactly what I mean.  For some of us, it is our only experience with “motherhood”.  Our “fur babies” are sources of joy, laughter, entertainment, comfort, companionship, absolute devotion with no strings attached.

Our pets know us better than ourselves, and many times, better than our friends and families.  After all, who else can we tell our deep, dark secrets and passions and know they won’t judge us.  My “fur babies” love me when I:

  • Sing off key
  • Dance like Elaine Benes
  • Yell and cheer for my favorite sports team in the living room
  • Don’t answer the phone
  • Cry at silly, sappy pet commercials
  • Put silly costumes on them for Halloween
  • Laugh hysterically when my husband runs into the sliding glass door
  • Cut back treats when they are getting a little “pudgy”

Aside from their love and companionship, there is a mysterious and wonderful 6th sense I’ve experienced with my “kids”.  No one will ever be able to convince me that they can’t think or don’t feel.  How else can I explain how they:

  • know to stay awake and keep you company when you’ve been driving for 9 hours and have 3 more to go
  • sit next to you while you’re trying to keep crackers down after your chemotherapy treatment
  • walk slowly and next to your walker to help you recover from hip surgery
  • Lick your tears away when you’re sobbing uncontrollably
  • walk circles around the kitchen and dining room until you to come home
  • Sit 18 hours (or longer) with you in your home office while you’re working for your next paycheck
  • know that you’re hurting

The difficult part of being a “mom” is watching my “fur babies” grow old.  It seems like one day they are playful rascals, and then all of a sudden they are senior citizens.  You find yourself making little adjustments day by day to accommodate their aching joints, give them their “meds”, keep the lights on because their eye-site is going, hold them a little closer . . .

And then, somehow, they let you know.  Their eyes lock with yours and they “speak wordlessly” and let you know “it’s ok; I know you love me.  You gave me a wonderful ‘forever’ home”.  They help you make the difficult, heart-wrenching decision that “it’s time”.

So Yogi, Aries, Roxy, Rhiannon, Princess, Spot, Corley, Angus, Dolly . . . all welcome a new angel to heaven – little Zoe.

“Bea Positive” that providing a loving “forever home” and the too-short years were worth the pain . . . and most likely will do it again.

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