Elliott Was Right . . . It Didn’t Rain On Our Wedding Day

On Sunday afternoon, September 8, 1996, John and I visited Nancy’s Secret Garden in Key West.  It had been raining most of the day, but we managed to find a break in the weather early that afternoon. We parked and walked through a small alley and then through the gate.  We walked into a tropical heaven.

There was a lady, her hair in a long braid cast from back to front over her left shoulder.  She was talking to a beautiful white parrot inside a large bird cage.  Nancy introduced herself to us – Nancy of Nancy’s Secret Garden.  She seemed delighted we were there and gave us a personal tour of her garden.

Not far into our tour, the rain started up again, and Nancy invited us into her home.  Me, John, Nancy and Elliott (her companion) sat on their screened porch, and we listened to her story.  Nancy’s grandmother brought her family to Key West with a vision to start the garden and get away from the “concrete jungle”.  She mentioned that some people have weddings in their garden.  “In fact”, she said, “we have a wedding here tomorrow morning!”  John and I smiled; we were the couple getting married.  She and Elliott grinned from ear-to-ear.

I think Elliott could tell by the look on my face that I was distressed by the rain as it continued to fall.  Elliott looked at me and John and said, “Don’t worry about the rain.  It has never rained on a wedding yet.”

We stayed for a little while longer waiting for the rain to subside.  Nancy and Elliott said they couldn’t wait to see us tomorrow.  And again, Elliott reassured us, “it’s not going to rain on your wedding.”

Our beautiful wedding day is best described in John’s lovely poem.  And Elliott was right after all – it didn’t rain on our wedding.  Happy anniversary, my love, my angel.

“I awoke to the sound of rain.  Oh, Lord, please not today,

For I’ve finally found love; this is my wedding day.

I gently eased back a curtain.  The sky was but clouds and rain.

I saw the look on your face as your tears slowly came.

“Perhaps, it’s not meant to be” those words I heard you say.

“It’s very bad luck to have rain on your wedding day.”

“The rain will go away,” I said, “just you wait and see.”

“It’s only Angels crying, happy for you and me.”

We slowly got ready, remorsefully drive in the rain.

We even drank some wine to try and ease the pain.

But as we reached the Garden, the rains began to slow.

We started feeling hope, but, how long, we did not know.

I looked up above to see the clouds part

As if someone had cleared a spot to join these two hearts.

The bouquet in the cottage brought a smile and then a tear.

I knew from that moment that all would be well from here.

We said our wedding vows as the flowers glistened in the rain.

I gave my heart to you as we became one.

We walked among the flowers, you, the most radiant of all.

As the angels held the rain away for not a drop on us did fall.

I never thought about angels, but I know that day for sure

That we have one watching over us because our love is true and pure.

I ask our Angel every day to keep you safe for me.

To help you with all you do and try to be patient with me.

I ask our Angel to let you know how much you mean to me.

To tell you how much love I have to give to my “B”.

Our Rings

Say It With Flowers

How can one not smile when surrounded by flowers?  I have flowers in our garden, in my photography and our home décor.  Flowers always look like they are smiling and happy, don’t they? . . . so colorful, beautiful and unique. 

Tulips are one of my favorites.  When I look at tulips I see:

  • Optimism:  flowers are always looking upward
  • Love:  petals are shaped like a “big hug”
  • Spring:  a season when trees bud, flowers bloom, warmth

For Mother’s Day, I received a beautiful bouquet wishing me “Happy Mother’s Day”!  There were two-dozen tulips ready to brighten my day – cream, pink, purple and yellow.  The reason this bouquet was so special is because I have no biological children!  And yet, I was surprised but blessed with a beautiful “Mother’s Day” remembrance.

Did you know that tulip colors have a significant meaning?

  • Cream means “I will love you forever”
  • Pink symbolizes affection and caring
  • Purple is associated with spring and wealth
  • Yellow means “sunshine in your smile”

Thank you and love to my two favorite CATs and T-squared for making Mother’s Day so extraordinary.  Whether you know it or not, what you “said with flowers” said a bunch!Mothers Day tulips

Have a great week and remember to “Bea Positive” . . . you never know when you’ll receive a surprise blessing!


New Month . . . New Attitude

April’s birthstone is the diamond, which symbolizes innocence.  No wonder the diamond is the first choice for a new engagement ring — the celebration of new love and a new life!  And it should come as no surprise that the birth flowers are the daisy and sweet pea, more beautiful signs of Spring.

With the start of April tomorrow, nature is already providing signs of new beginnings all around me. 

  • In the southeast, we see Dogwoods and Redbuds blooming as well as Azaleas and Amaryllis
  • John’s mom’s orchids are blooming as a reminder of her love.
  • Here in Riverview, FL, the Sand Hill Cranes are proudly walking their new “babies” throughout the neighborhood.
  • In our own backyard, the Bluebird family is back building a new nest!

New beginnings, new attitudes! I think they go hand-in-hand.  With a new month ahead of us, let’s continue the “Optimism” from March.  Remember to “Bea Positive” because positive attitudes are contagious!  To spur your new attitude, enjoy “New Attitude” by Patti Labelle and have a great week!


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