The Roosevelt Boys

Hi, we’re Teddy and Franky. When mom and dad need our attention, we are Theodore and Franklin, hence, she calls us the Roosevelt boys! Here is our story as told by mom.

Franklin came to his forever home in September 2015. Frankie was found as a stray and no one knows how long he wandered until Nate’s Honor Rescue took him in. What was amazing is that he is blind in both eyes and ended up with only 1 tooth left. Mac, my yorkie mix, was still around, and I took him to meet Frankie to make sure they would get along. There was no issue, and the two of them were having a good time being “boys”. It was fun to watch them play tug-of-war with all of the squeaky toys. Mac helped Frankie around the yard and the pool.

Unfortunately, less than 2 weeks after I adopted Frankie, Mac became ill. He was diagnosed with diabetes. But within 3 days his condition worsened. I was devastated the day he crossed Rainbow Bridge, and Dr. Mercak confirmed that he had a mass in his chest that caused his illness — diabetes was just one of the symptons. Thank goodness I had Frankie at home and not an empty house. We commiserated together but were very sad.

Fast forward to 2016 . . . I found love again. I was smitten with Roger immediately, but I had to make sure Frankie would be smitten with him, too. Well, there was absolutely no issue, and they are still inseparable. “Dad” loves spoiling Frankie, over-feeding and giving him treats throughout the day.

In May 2016, I called the vet because Frankie started honking and coughing.
The vet confirmed a heart murmur, enlarged heart and arthritis in his back and hip. I was devastated and called Roger immediately. I made sure Frankie had his medicines and supplements. Dr. Mercak and I discussed that Frankie is probably 14 or 15. Roger and I want to make sure Frankie lives the rest of his life comfortably and happier than he’s ever been.

In July 2017, I received a desperate call from Ann with Lost Angels. She had taken in Teddy, another stray found in the area. Teddy is also a yorkie, about 3 pounds lighter than Frankie. He is blind in his left eye and lost most of his teeth.

It took some heavy selling to Roger to take in Teddy, but he agreed. I took Frankie to meet Teddy, and we all drove home happy. Teddy took to his new home and us quickly. He is a “mama’s boy, loves his toys and enjoys nose bumping Frankie!

The Roosevelt boys bring so much joy to our home. Teddy follows Frankie around the yard and loves taking toys away from him. Old man Frankie puts Teddy in his place when he gets too close to dad or takes over his bed!

There is no better feeling than rescuing “fur-babies” and seeing them happy, secure and well-fed — thanks to Roger. Bea positive that you, too, can provide a “fur-ever” home to a dog who is looking for love, and don’t be surprised how much you will love back.

Sharing a Paximadia (Greek cookie)

lenthangIn Greek culture, Paximadia is a toasted Lenten cookie made with almonds and citrus. They have a hard texture and are a bit crumbly, and ideally dunked with your favorite cup of coffee. Or in my case, with a small bottled water.  I find it fitting that Paximadia was shared with me during this Lenten season.

My driver was in the hotel lobby at 12:15 p.m., right on time. He asked me how my day was going and helped me with my luggage. As I got settled in the back seat, I noticed a foil-covered pan in the passenger front seat.

I detected a heavy European accent when he spoke to me, so I asked my driver where he was from. He proudly told me he was from Greece and had been in the U.S. 40 years. I told him about the Greek community north of Tampa in Tarpon Springs that my husband and I visited. It’s a cute little town on the bay with Greek restaurants and shops. I told him about the annual “Epiphany Dive for the Cross” in Tarpon Springs. (FYI, this is the largest observance in the U.S. outside of Greece!).

He came to the U.S. 40 years ago to make money and send back to his family in Greece. He originally planned to be here a couple of years.  Two years soon became five. He was so excited to share that he made close to $25,000 after 5 years; “that was a lot of money back then”.  So he kept working and told his family he would stay a few more years and then never left.  He tries to go back to Greece each year to see his family.

He and his wife raised 4 children, 3 girls and 1 boy ranging from 22 years to 13 years old. He has 3 grandchildren, too. His wife cooks dinner every night for the entire family. The 3 married girls and their families live in the same neighborhood. Every night the entire family eats a home-cooked dinner together. I told him how rare it was for me to hear that a family spends quality time together every night and eats dinner together.

So I was too curious and had to asked “is that your lunch in the foil-covered pan?”  He said, “no, my wife loves to bake, too. Here you must try these cookies.” He opened the foil and handed the pan to me. I took a cookie, and he insisted that I take another. Since I hadn’t eaten lunch yet, I was grateful for the cookie. Then he handed me one of his water bottles he had in the front seat along with some tissues for a napkin. I wrapped the second cookie in the tissue to share with my husband once I landed in Tampa.

He chatted some more about his family, and we turned into the airport. As he pulled over to park, I asked how much I owed him. I couldn’t believe when he told me the flat rate because I had paid double the day before from the airport to the hotel!

I paid him cash and told him no need for change. He got out of the car and got my luggage out for me. As I reached out my hand to shake and thank him for the ride, he kissed both my cheeks – the European way, you know. He thanked me and said “God has blessed you to be a beautiful person.”

As I walked through the airport to my gate, I held back tears. It never dawned on me that he would thank me. I was just another passenger in his day . . . Maybe it was because I spoke to him. Maybe because I cared enough to ask about his life and family. Maybe because I shared a home-baked cookie from his wife.  Maybe it is because I was Positive!


Home, Sweet Home

I don’t typically speak while traveling on a plane, and definitely not before 7:30 a.m.!!  However, this morning, I made an exception.  The young man next to me, sitting in the middle seat, was so excited to be flying to Tampa.  He had a smile on his face that I will never forget.

Patrick had been flying since 6:30 a.m. Thursday – over 26 hours when I met him.  He started out in Korea, flew to Washington State, from Washington to Minneapolis, and now was on a flight from Minneapolis to Tampa.  Although I didn’t ask, I suspect he is 20 or 21.  He joined the Air Force after graduating high school, and his first tour of duty was in Korea.  Not only had this young man not seen his family in over a year, he was living in another country. 

Patrick joined the Air Force because his grandfather had served in Vietnam.  He told me he loves serving his country and has always wanted to take care of people.  No wonder he is a military police officer!  He was going home for 3 weeks and then would be driving to North Dakota for his 2nd tour of duty.  He loved it so much, he has already decided to “re-up”.

His mom, grandmother, great-grandmother and grandfather were in Tampa waiting for Patrick.  He told me his great-grandmother calls him “# 1” because he is her first grandson.  His sister is going to college in south Florida, and the whole family was driving down after he landed.  But he was totally fine with the last 3 hour flight and anticipating the 4 hour drive to Miami . . . because he was going to be home and with his family.

When we touched down in Tampa, Patrick gazed out the window and shook his head.  I could see he was fighting back the tears.  He praised God for bringing him home – FINALLY!  For some reason, as he started out of his seat and into the aisle, we hugged just for a moment.  He practically ran to the shuttle that takes passengers from the gate to the “landside terminal”.

By the time I got off the shuttle, I saw the happy, tear-filled reunion.  Mom was already taking a picture of Patrick and his great-grandmother on her smartphone.  You could see the pride in his grandfather’s eyes to finally see and hug Patrick again.   After 29 hours of flying, waiting in airports, sitting in the middle seat . . . very humbling when I think about all of my travel woes and my “crazy relatives”!

Bea thankful for your family . . . Bea thankful you have a home and it’s in the U.S. . . . and always remember to Bea Positive!

I Believe In You

“We are what we believe we are.”
C. S. Lewis

There are two types of people I suspect have no issue believing the best about themselves every minute of every day:  narcissists and someone who scores 100 on the EQ (Emotional Intelligence quotient) test.  The rest of us have good days and bad days.  I like to call the bad days “mental potholes” from a lesson I learned from Bishop T.D. Jakes.  Circumstances and people can drive even the most optimistic person to hit a “mental pothole”.  It is during these times when it is so easy to lose your self-worth and self-confidence.  Yes, even “Bea Positive” can and will drive into one of these “potholes” and need a “tow truck” to get back on track. 

It is inevitable that we will encounter some kind of set-back or difficulty some time in our lives – a “mental pothole”.  Some of us probably feel like we’ve had more than our fair share!  Most people want to help by “doing something”.  Sometimes being a tow truck is as easy as saying “I believe in you”.

It’s a very simple phrase, but said from the heart, it is very powerful.  I want to share a few phrases from a card that I received from one of my dear friends, Lisa-Marie when I needed a “tow”:

I believe in you – in the things that are important to you and in the way you choose to live your life . . .  that you have many talents and wisdom to use them well . . .I believe in your courage, your compassion, your integrity, and your strength.  I believe in your goodness . . . I believe in you.”  ~Bobbie Burrow

We have all heard and been told that life is a journey, not a destination.  There have been many times throughout my journey, when I have I hit some major “potholes”.  If you have someone close to you who is going through a difficult time, remember that sometimes all you have to do is say “I believe in you”.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and continue “Bea–ing Positive”!

Believe In Yourself

Have a Bright Sun-Shiny Day!

Here is the rainbow I’ve been prayin’ for
It’s gonna be a bright, bright Sun-Shiny day.”  ~Johnny Nash

Always keep hopefulness and cheerfulness in your hearts and expect the best – no matter how many obstacles are in your way!  Remember to “Bea-lieve” and “Bea Positive”!

Hi, everyone, I am Bambi, a yorkie terrier rescue.  For the first 6 or 8 years of my life I was in a puppy mill.  My home was a crate; no one petted me or spoke to me.  My sole purpose in life was to birth puppies to make money for the “mean people” who held me hostage.  As soon as my puppies were old enough to sell, they were snatched away from me.  I only hope they ended up in a better place than me.

One day out of the blue, a swarm of uniformed officers found us.  There were 12 of us “mill-mates”, and we were placed in a big van.  We didn’t realize it at the time, but we were being rescued!!  The “nice people” at the veterinary clinic gave me a bath, petted me and spoke to me.  I was one of the fortunate ones and was considered “adoptable” after I had surgery.

A few days after my surgery, my foster-mom, Jean, picked me up.  When I got to my foster home, I had a new, soft, warm bed and toys!  I had never had toys before, but it didn’t take me long to learn how to play.  Foster-mom Jean loved me and nursed me back to health.  She was the first person to really love me and take care of me.

After about four months, my forever-home parents found me on the Internet.  They loved me as soon as they met me and decided to adopt me.  Foster-mom Jean cried and cried the day I left, but we promised to stay in touch.  Thank goodness for facebook!  I finally had a forever-home with a yard, my own bowls and, of course, my bed and toys!

It has been almost three years now with in my forever home.  I have a yard, my own bowls, and of course, my own bed and toys!  I get to walk everyday (unless it’s raining), play with Mac and Mattie Ice (my other rescue-buddies).  One of my favorite places is laying in the sunshine; I’m trying to make up for the time I missed in my younger years!  Although the first years of my life weren’t rough, I know that I will be a spoiled brat for the rest of my days!

The song “I Can See Clearly Now” is one of my mom’s favorite songs and is a perfect way to close my story.  Have a “Sun-Shiny Day” and a great weekend!

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