Sister Sharon

Flying home Wednesday, my seat was 1 row from the toilets.  I got to watch everyone board the plane, try to stuff their luggage in the overhead bins or under the seat in front of them.  It is pretty amazing to watch people board the plane.  Many are completely oblivious to people behind them and will take their sweet time getting seated.

As I stood in the back row, an elderly lady came all the way to the back trying to find space for her luggage.  She stood out because her purple sweater matched luggage! The last bin over the last row was empty.  A gentleman behind her helped her place the bag in the bin.  She thanked him for helping her.  I didn’t realize until she started walking away that her seat was 12 rows in front of us!

We landed in Tampa a few minutes early.  I stood up, this time to watch people un-board the plane.  The process is very similar to boarding, and the same oblivious people boarding were the same leaving the plane.  Seated in the last row, I was in no hurry to get off.

I saw the lady with the purple luggag, waved at her and told her I would get her bag.  Of course, none of the “gentlemen” around offered help.  I let the man in 38C know that I wouldn’t drop it on his head.  I motioned to the lady to stay where she was, and I’d bring the bag to her.  She thanked me again and walked on ahead of me.

As she stepped into the gate area, I could see her looking around.  I asked her if she was meeting someone and she said yes.  I explained that they are most likely in the terminal area because you’re not allowed in the gates without a boarding pass.  I suggested she follow me to the shuttle since I was headed there too.  As we walked, I asked if she had ever been to Tampa.  “Yes, once, but I don’t travel much.”  I learned that she was staying for a week with her sister and brother-in-law.  As we got off the shuttle, she thanked me again.

She asked me my name, and she told me she was Sister Sharon.  When we didn’t see her sister in the terminal, she mentioned that her sister would drive around and pick her up.  I told her to follow me down the escalator because my husband was doing the same.  She thanked me again as we rode the escalator downstairs.  I told her about my 83 year old mother who traveled by herself last year and how me, my sister and father worried until she landed.  Sister Sharon told me that she works with elderly people, too, older than herself.  She must have thanked me 3 more times as we walked through the baggage claim.

It doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day.  Sometimes a smile or hello is enough.  Sometimes you might need to inconvenience yourself to lend a helping hand.  It cost me a little time to help her, but the payoff is priceless.  I Bea-lieve that Sister Sharon is enjoying her time in Tampa.  Don’t pass up an opportunity to Bea a Blessing . . . and besides, Sister Sharon has High connections!  Bea Positive!

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