Say It With Flowers

How can one not smile when surrounded by flowers?  I have flowers in our garden, in my photography and our home décor.  Flowers always look like they are smiling and happy, don’t they? . . . so colorful, beautiful and unique. 

Tulips are one of my favorites.  When I look at tulips I see:

  • Optimism:  flowers are always looking upward
  • Love:  petals are shaped like a “big hug”
  • Spring:  a season when trees bud, flowers bloom, warmth

For Mother’s Day, I received a beautiful bouquet wishing me “Happy Mother’s Day”!  There were two-dozen tulips ready to brighten my day – cream, pink, purple and yellow.  The reason this bouquet was so special is because I have no biological children!  And yet, I was surprised but blessed with a beautiful “Mother’s Day” remembrance.

Did you know that tulip colors have a significant meaning?

  • Cream means “I will love you forever”
  • Pink symbolizes affection and caring
  • Purple is associated with spring and wealth
  • Yellow means “sunshine in your smile”

Thank you and love to my two favorite CATs and T-squared for making Mother’s Day so extraordinary.  Whether you know it or not, what you “said with flowers” said a bunch!Mothers Day tulips

Have a great week and remember to “Bea Positive” . . . you never know when you’ll receive a surprise blessing!


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