How would you write the end to this story?

It was Super Bowl Sunday, and we were out for a leisurely lunch.  It was busy, but people-watching and good food made for a lovely afternoon.  As usual, I went to the restroom before our shopping adventure at Lowes.

I like to use the handicap stall because I’m claustrophobic and want the extra space.  There was no hook in the stall to hang my bag.  No worries . . . I hung it around my neck.  As I hovered over the toilet with my bag hanging in front of me, I looked at the floor.  That’s when I saw a ring lying next to the base of the commode.  At first glance, I figured it was a plastic “Cracker Jack” ring.

Instead, It was a beautiful platinum ring with 3 diamonds — the center diamond larger set between 2 smaller ones.  I set it on the counter and washed my hands.  All I could think of was “whoever lost this must be frantic”.  I walked out of the restroom and straight to the hostess desk. As I handed it to the manager, I said “I’m sure someone will be looking for this.  I found it in the bathroom.”

Without staying to find out what really happened, we left.  I don’t know if she was reunited with the ring that afternoon, the next day or ever.  But this is how I chose to write the ending to this story . . .

She was frantic and crying.  The ring hadn’t been sized yet, but she insisted on wearing it out to lunch.  While waiting for their meal, she went to the restroom.  She washed her hands, the ring slipped off her finger and bounced.  She didn’t even realize it and never heard it bounce off the tile floor.

They finished their lunch and waited for the check.  The young man noticed that her finger was bare.  He assumed that she decided to put it in a safe place since it was too big.  As soon as he asked, she panicked.  They frantically looked on the table, booth seats, pockets, napkins, purse . . .  The only other place she had been was the restroom, so she ran.  She looked all over the handicap stall, in the sink, in the trash . . . no ring.

Now she was hysterical and blaming herself silly.  He tried to console her, and then he went straight to the manager.  Hoping beyond hope, he explained the situation.  The manager asked him to describe the ring.  The young man said “it’s platinum and has 3 small diamonds.  They may be small, but they display my love for her yesterday, today and forever”.  The manager pulled the ring from his pocket and said, “a customer found this in the handicap stall in the restroom and turned it in less than 30 minutes ago”.  The young man’s face lit up, he hugged the manager and ran to get his fiancée.  Lots of tears . . . lots of hugs . . . grateful for the happy ending.

Always looking at the bright side, I choose to “Bea Positive” and “Bea-lieve” this is really how it ended.  It was an easy decision for me, but how about you . . . would you have turned it in or put it on?  How would you write the end to this story?

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