New Month . . . New Attitude

April’s birthstone is the diamond, which symbolizes innocence.  No wonder the diamond is the first choice for a new engagement ring — the celebration of new love and a new life!  And it should come as no surprise that the birth flowers are the daisy and sweet pea, more beautiful signs of Spring.

With the start of April tomorrow, nature is already providing signs of new beginnings all around me. 

  • In the southeast, we see Dogwoods and Redbuds blooming as well as Azaleas and Amaryllis
  • John’s mom’s orchids are blooming as a reminder of her love.
  • Here in Riverview, FL, the Sand Hill Cranes are proudly walking their new “babies” throughout the neighborhood.
  • In our own backyard, the Bluebird family is back building a new nest!

New beginnings, new attitudes! I think they go hand-in-hand.  With a new month ahead of us, let’s continue the “Optimism” from March.  Remember to “Bea Positive” because positive attitudes are contagious!  To spur your new attitude, enjoy “New Attitude” by Patti Labelle and have a great week!

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